Sexual Assault Crisis and Trauma Response Training

Mobile crisis provides training for service professionals about how to respond to a person who has been sexually assaulted. Trainers will explain signs to watch for, do's and don'ts and will help professionals confront some of their own biases and how those biases may impact a person who has been sexually assaulted. 


Service organizations that may benefit from training include professionals that work in the school system, hospitals, law enforcement, youth organization leaders and coaches. 

Other Training

Mobile Crisis has developed programs/training materials for a number of other crisis response issues. Examples include domestic violence education. Please inquire for further information.

Kids Matter Puppet Shows


Just as we teach fire safety, educating children about personal safety and abuse in an appropriate way helps prepare them for potentially dangerous situations, should they happen. Although it can be uncomfortable to talk about abuse and violence, prevention and early intervention are the best ways to empower children to be healthy, strong and safe.

Mobile Crisis will be trained to provide Kid Matter presentations by mid-2018. For more information about this program, please visit

Sexual Assault First Responder Training

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