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Mobile Crisis is open to all individuals and is a service without fees. What is considered a crisis will differ from person to person but generally is any event that is going to, or is expected to, lead to an unstable and dangerous situation. Mobile Crisis is called to intervene during some of the most vulnerable times of a life, providing support, and connecting people to ongoing services at the time they need it most. 

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Mobile Crisis employees are crisis intervention workers that have front line experience dealing with child abuse and neglect (when Child and Family Agencies are closed), mental health, grief, suicide and self harm, sexual violence, interpersonal violence, addictions, seniors in distress, missing persons, fire/natural disasters, food/shelter security and more. 

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Mobile Crisis provides responsive, culturally appropriate services to our clients, by phone or in the community, wherever the client may be. We strive to carryout our work while respecting clients culture, wishes and decisions. Our intention is to help at any point throughout a crisis.

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Mobile Crisis employees education, training and experience equips them to deal with an immediate crisis, while also maintaining an awareness of the current support services in Prince Albert and area. 

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One of our goals of intervention is to mitigate the long term effects caused by emotional or physical stress of a crisis. The purpose of intervention is to intervene at the time of crisis to avoid further trauma, reducing the need for longer term and more costly services in the future.

Mobile Crisis often works alongside emergency services, such as Police, Fire and EMS. 

We serve anybody no matter their socio-economic status, race, demographic, age or gender identity.

Are you in crisis?

You may be experiencing some of the following thoughts and feelings, but please remember this is not an exhaustive list:


  • ​Having difficulty coping with daily problems

  • Don't want to talk to friends or family

  • Are you turning to alcohol or drugs to make yourself feel better

  • Mood changes, less patience or angry outburst

  • Suicidal and self harming thoughts

  • Feeling like you can't get out of bed

  • Isolating yourself

  • Need someone to talk to between appointments with counsellors

  • Not feeling you are in touch with reality 

  • Overwhelmed and don't know where to turn

PA Mobile Crisis Logo2 - Copy (2).jpg
PA Mobile Crisis Logo2 - Copy (2).jpg

What should I do if I am having suicidal thoughts?

  • If your life is in danger, please call 911 or go to the nearest hospital

  • Reach out to your support people

  • Call 9-8-8 Canada's 24/7 Suicide Helpline

  • Call the Mental Health Centre at 306-765-6055 or call Mobile Crisis after hours at 306-764-1011

  • KidsHelp Line at 1-800-668-6868 or text CONNECT to 686868

    • Adults text HOME to 686868

  • SK Health Line - 811

  • Canada Suicide Prevention Services at 1-833-456-4566 or Text 45645

  • First Nations and Inuit Hope for Wellness Helpline at 1-855-242-3310

Prince Albert Mobile Crisis Unit is a proud partner in 9-8-8, Canada's new 24/7 Helpline for anyone who is thinking about suicide or who is worried about someone they know. Reach out for help whenever you need it by calling 9-8-8. 

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You are not alone, call for help

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